Real life, non-fiction

Stevenson Family Files

History is important. Thankfully, key family events have been carefully documented for posterity. If you think you can handle the truth, read on...

 DISCLAIMER: The contents of this booklet are provided you in written form as the author best remembers and understands the facts and the circumstances surrounding each incident. The author exercises his rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and is held harmless from any accusations of slander, bald face lying, or character assassination. Upon receipt of this booklet, the reader accepts full responsibility for the attitudes and impressions her or she may develop upon review of each story. The author cannot be held accountable for any negative or adverse emotional and psychological scarring that may result from the intellectual consumption of such ridiculous, absurd and somewhat embellished descriptions of life events of the people named. Reader beware - Culpus Leius Estupidus Basurias (Latin for, "It is your fault if you are stupid enough to read this garbage").